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I stumbled across this journal and decided to update.

I was looking at my older journals and decided to see if I could remember any of my passwords. Apparently, now you need to have at least one number in your password so I had to change mine. Anyway, it's been quite some time. I'm not sure if people even still write in these anymore. Either way, I'm in FL right now. It's good to have some time alone for self-actualization. However, by the looks of my past journals, apparently I did a lot of analyzing as is. Well, that is it for now. Perhaps I will try and update more often. I doubt it though. I always say that I will, but I don't so yeah, I probably won't. Although, now that I wrote that I will most likely do it in spite of myself. Life is so contradictory. Well, it looks like one of my friends is in need of some assistance.

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