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I'll always be there in your ups and in your downs.


I made a mental note to try to post in here again before I left, so here we go:

Today is my Dad and Tina's anniversary. They should be arriving home from their trip to Sturgis around 11:30-12:00AM. Basically, I've been just straightening things up a smidge before their arrival. I'm just trying to make it easier for Tina when they return. Anyway, I return to MA on the 16th, which will be nice. I have a great deal of things to accomplish there before I depart for school.

I am considering studying abroad next semester in Ireland. I'm not certain if I wrote that before or not. Either way, I spoke with the head of that department at my school. I just need to set up an appointment to meet with him personally once school starts. Apparently, they have schools in Ireland that you can't go to unless you're on the Dean's List. I find that quite amusing. Either way, I am enthralled with the thought of going abroad. England is always an option as well.

I started compossing two songs today, which is good. I'm trying to do as much as I can now before school starts since I actually have the time :]

Oh yes, a random note: Today upon my return from the grocery store I was greeted with a splatter of blood all over the kitchen. It wasn't your typical blood spill, it appeared as if someone had taken a paintbrush and dabbed crimson paint in a quick brush stroke in order to create the effect of movement. Naturally, I was worried because I was not certain if my dog had harmed one of my cats (you never know with him). However, no harm was done to any of the animals. It's just a msytery.

Well, that is all for now. Have a lovely evening.

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