danglining on a line (iheartcow) wrote,
danglining on a line

Orbs "Curse County"

Dear livejournal,

My title is the topic of my latest lyric that I am attemping to write. It's going to be a song based on the haunted asylum in Taunton, MA. Right now Catherine is reading a book on ghost stories. Saint Anselm College has a couple stories issued in the book. The book is titled "Manchester Ghost" in case anyone was interested.

So tomorrow is Friday. I'm not quite sure what I am doing, but since I'm going home next weekend I'm staying on campus this weekend. I have a meeting for my major this weekend anyway. I also need to do some extensive research on studying abroad (courses, prices, locations etc). I need to make sure that it fits into my major because I do not an outrageously painful senior year.

I suppose that is all for the time being. Perhaps I will try to do a freewrite.

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